Charlotte Sinnamon

Charlotte Sinnamon 22, speaks to UCIA about her future plans as the young, aspiring Australian actress plans to move to the US to become a professional, working actor.

Charlotte is blonde and ambitious.

Charlotte has been performing since the age of four where she started at Helen O’Grady’s Childrens Drama Academy and went onto perform with the Children’s Performing Company of Australia (CPCA) and trained in Broadway and straight theatre. She studied at the Victorian Youth Theatre Program and The Young Australian Broadway Chorus. Continuing her love for the arts, Charlotte studied performing arts in High School. Through the American Programs she has been involved in, she has studied at, The Stella Adler Academy of Acting and The Sanford Meisner School and recently returned from the US, where she was involved in an international showcase for performers.

In January of this year, Charlotte was involved in a big international showcase where she auditioned for over 200 casting directors, agents, managements, record companies, “so everyone in the industry who can make things happen was there.” Charlotte went over for straight acting and after four straight days of competition she got a callback which was, “a networking day, where we went back and met everyone who had shown interest and got a feel for it all.” Charlotte received an incredible 25 callbacks and a number of awards, including Best Performance of a Monologue, Best Performance for a TV Commercial and Best Head Shot and a nomination for Best Actress.

Charlotte on set for a photoshoot with celebrity photographer Alan Weissman, Hollywood Hills, CA.

Charlotte  has one dream which is to make acting her career! Her aspiration is, “to be a working actor! I want to make a living out of it and get paid for it and not have to work retail or hospitality on the side.” When asked about why she wants to pursue acting as a career, Charlotte simply explained, “the elation, honestly it is the only thing in my entire life that I have stuck to, and it is not because I have to, it is because I love it. It makes me excited and it is so emotive.” If she was not acting, Charlotte initially saw herself as a teacher or possibly behind the scenes of the TV and film industry. “I am really fascinated by casting, and you always want to learn things like producing and directing.” Acting for Charlotte is, “what I have always done and it is the only thing that I can see myself loving for the rest of my life.”

Charlotte has had a lot of different acting experiences and when asked about what she prefers, she said, “I love straight acting, so film and TV. I started out doing stage acting and musical theatre.” Through all her training and practice, Charlotte has mastered the audition process and how she prepares for auditions. “It varies, job to job whether it be theatre, film or TV and how much time and notice I have. Essentially the easiest way would be character and script analysis and understanding the characters motivations, and choosing a direction with it.” When she began thinking seriously about film and television work, Charlotte said she, “ had to separate myself, because I was struggling to pick up the subtleties that are required for film. It was hard to tone it down for screen with the transition of being crazy and loud for the stage.”

The entertainment industry can be a tough and competitive industry choice, but Charlotte has a positive attitude and strong focus on her future. When asked about the competition within the acting industry, Charlotte shed some light on the reality of it all. “In terms of my work I am pretty comfortable, I think I am trained enough and confident enough in myself that I know what I am doing. The biggest pressure is the image although, thankfully I have never had a negative experience so far but it is what they base you on.” Charlotte spoke about the competition between herself and fellow actors and said, “I have found all the professionals are very welcoming and extremely down to earth. Its not as nasty as people make it out to be.”

Charlotte on the set of Clique.

Although Charlotte has her dreams set for the US, she would not turn down a role if it was offered to her in Australia. She is hoping to be able to live in America for three years with her working Visa, as she said, “there is a lot more opportunities in America and that is why some people jump ship. And the atmosphere is different over there as well.” Charlotte spoke about the Australian film and television industry and said, “a lot of emerging artists are creating their own work these days and there is a lot more independent stuff happening, which is fantastic.” Charlotte had success with an independent project Clique, written and directed by filmmaker, Amanda Duckworth. Charlotte got cast at the end of 2012 and finished filming the pilot in December of the same year. There was a lot of publicity and positive feedback about the television series that got picked up by the network. A complete reboot was made with a lot of the actors and the story line changed after receiving a lot of feedback from the network. A second pilot has been filmed and is currently in post production.

Saving her pennies for Hollywood.

 Charlotte is an extremely friendly and positive young actor who has bright and exciting future ahead of her. When asked about where she saw herself in five to 10 years time, she said, “shopping without looking at the price tag. (laughs) I would love to go freely between the States and Australia. I love the environment in the US and would love to be there. It is a very different atmosphere where the industry is concerned. There is a lot more opportunities, but in saying that I love some of the work that happens in Australia, as we have a lot of talent here. It is hard to answer, our aspirations change and experiences change as well, so I guess I will just go with what happens.”

The best advice Charlotte received about the process of becoming an actor was, “you wouldn’t wake up one morning and enter the Olympics. Athletes train, it is the same with any craft. If you are an actor, you train, you’re actually a professional at something.” Charlotte feels that, “not enough people understand that it takes training to be an actor. You don’t just wake up and decide you are going to go and be all fancy in front of a camera. People don’t get that, and it can come across pretentious.” When asked about what her her advice for up and coming actors would be, she said, “speak less, listen and observe more. The behaviour of people is interesting and if you can analyse someone and learn what to do and what not to do. Be confident and don’t give up.” Although,says most of the valuable lessons she has learned, have been by working in the industry she ,” would love to train more in professional courses. I don’t think you can ever stop learning and I don’t think training is ever a waste of time.”

Charlotte as Jessica Rabbit. Make up by: Eleni Milionis Make-Up Artistry

Charlotte is following her dreams and doing what she loves. “I want to enjoy my life and this is what I enjoy doing, I don’t want to get stuck doing something I hate.” When speaking about her acting journey so far, she said,”It is so much fun and I wouldn’t change it, I just wish it was a bit more respected.” At the moment all of Charlotte’s attention is focused on saving up and completing her Visa application for the US. We wish her the very best of luck!

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Words by Brittany Fry.

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