Alyssa Ho Writings

Alyssa Ho 22, speaks to UCIA about her love for writing and her inspiration to motivate and empower other people.


Alyssa is a freelance writer from Melbourne who graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor in Arts majoring in Media and Communications. Alyssa began writing as a young girl through her love for reading and close bond and connection with her late grandfather. Alyssa’s grandfather inspired her with his words to, “Never stop reading, as it is immensely powerful in all it can do.” Her grandfather’s wise words allowed her to, “carry the passion to become a writer, knowing it has the potential to truly touch people and make a difference to them and their lives.”

The face behind the writing, Alyssa Ho.

Gaining her writing inspiration from life experiences, Alyssa’s pieces of writing are, “deeply heartfelt and touch on those universal human experiences.” She said, “I write pieces that seek to inspire, motivate and empower; pieces that make people realise that they are not alone and that someone understands.”

Although she does not have a favourite pieces of her own writing, she said, “A favourite piece of writing of mine is any that has caused one person to read it and feel as though they can relate to it.” Alyssa enjoys writing about love and human relationships and said, “I feel love and our relationships with others is something everyone goes through but may not realise is a life experience at the time and can share similarities with others through these experiences.” On the universal topic of love, Alyssa said, “Love can make you feel so alone at times but I am passionate about writing on it because I trust that it can bring us together in knowing that we aren’t isolated with our own experiences with it.” quote

Alyssa Ho Writings currently has 11.8 thousand followers on her Instagram page and those numbers are growing daily. Her tagline for her writing is; “Welcome to a world of inspiration, motivation and empowerment.” Alyssa started gaining a following through her work by taking a risk and publicly sharing her work. “I decided to take a risk and start posting my work on my personal Instagram account, then I decided to make a separate account dedicated to just my writing.”

The most memorable responses Alyssa has had from her work are, “the endless thankyous I have received from the people who have read my work and have thanked me for writing something that they can relate to, that has changed their life that has changed their perspective or has given them hope. I am very blessed.”

Alyssa is inspired by, “the dreamers, doers, entrepreneurs, the ambitious and the hard working. I love seeing people working hard and chasing their passion. That is what inspires me to do what I love and create a life that I love.”

FullSizeRenderWith the ability to be able to write anywhere, Alyssa said, “Usually the best place, where I can concentrate best is in my own space – my bed room. I come up with my ideas purely based on what I am going through or how I am feeling, I find that my writing becomes more thoughtful and authentic in that way.”

Alyssa is extremely ambitious and have a bright and exciting future ahead of her. Alyssa spoke about her future career goals and said, “I would love the opportunity to be my own boss through either publishing my own book, having my own store and, or working for a publication I absolutely love. I would love to publish my own book that I have written that would be full of inspirational writings, advice and quotes.” In the future, she would love the opportunity to have, “a successful up and coming website that would become a haven of inspiration, motivation and empowerment. I would love to have set up my own online store that I could sell prints with my own quotes and perhaps even stationary.”

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In November 2015, Alyssa announced that she would be launching her own website:  The website is now up and running and is full of articles and advice, interviews, quotes and thoughts. Also, as part of her freelance work, Alyssa will be taking orders for personalised quotes, “ideal for a gift to a friend or love.” It is a beautifully put together website that is easy to navigate. We wish Alyssa all the best for her future and writing career.

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